3 Tips for treating sex addiction

If you’ve made the decision to embark on the trip of treating sex addiction, congratulations! You’ve made the 1 step to recovery. Recovery from sex addiction is a fairly long road, but with help from companions, family, therapists, and support groups, you’ll make it through safe and sound. Here are some ideas you can use to aid your own recovery from sex addiction.

sex addiction is a fairly long road

  1. Give it time. Recovery from sex addiction does not occur overnight. You can surely wake up one day and decide that you’re going to go cold turkey, but this method of retrieval isn’t exactly the most long lasting or real. Recovery from this addiction is a procedure that is likely to take at least a year or two and in some cases several years. Maintenance of that retrieval is a lifelong process. It would be great if it occurred in just a couple of months, but it usually doesn’t occur that way. You will finally recover from your addiction. Just recall that slow and steady wins this race. Recovery is a procedure not an activity.
  2. Give it your all. Recovery from sex addiction isn’t something that can be attained with just half your effort. In order to get your life back and to get the lack of restrictions you wish and deserve, you need to devote all of your effort and vigor to your recovery process. Sex addiction, like most other habits, is all-consuming and a tiring beast to competition. It requires all of your effort in order to overthrow it. If you were ever going to give something all you have, this is the time to do it.
    Give it your all
  3. Keep a journal. Therapists and social worker have probably told you in the past that custody a journal is helpful. If you’re anything like most persons who hear that, you most likely let it go in one ear and out the other. This time, why not really give it a shot? Struggling with addiction is certain to bring to the surface many buried point of view and feelings. But these don’t just occur during your therapy session or provision group meeting; they occur all the time. Keeping a journal is a great method to get these thoughts and feelings out. It’s also a great way to track your retrieval as well as any hiccups in the road that may occur. Speaking of hiccups in the road…

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