Amazing facts about phone addiction

Smartphones are addictive. Most of us will search ourselves watching at our smartphones for most of the day, whether deliberately or otherwise. Sometimes, we may also feel the need to look at our mobiles, even though we know that there will not be any notices to check.

For every 100 hours that you expend talking on the mobile phone, you drastically raise the risk of brain cancer. Do you want to know by how much you’re increasing that danger?
I’ll get back to that in a tiny, but first, let me tell you this: smartphones are addictive.

Most of us will search ourselves looking at our smartphones for most of the day, whether on purpose or otherwise.

smartphones are addictive
Sometimes, we may also feel the wish to look at our mobiles, even though we know that there will not be any notices to check.

Here are 5 facts about phone addiction that will leave you completely amazed.

  1. People often take their mobiles everywhere, even to the bathroom

A research conducted showed that 91% of the Gen-Ys took their mobiles to the bathroom to use it.
The research also showed that while more females (76%) used their smartphones in the bathroom as linked to men (74%), men were more attached to their phones as compared to females.

  1. Most people will continually check their phones without reason

People have the tendency to check their mobiles without any reason, especially when they are addicted.
Despite having checked their cell phone about two seconds ago, they tend to have an essential to check it again.
Most people would simply keep their cell mobiles in their hands and keep turning the screen on to make sure that they have not missed out on any notification, call, or message.
In some examples, they will keep turning the display on out of boredom or habit.

  1. Most phone addicts will practice phantom vibrations

Phantom vibrations or ringing is a false trust that your phone is ringing or has received a notice, even though it has not.
About 80% of the general public has experienced false vibrations and around 30% have heard ringing that purely did not exist.
The more an individual uses their cell phone, the more likely they are going to practice such phantom vibrations.

  1. 40% of the inhabitants are addicted to their smartphones

addicted smartphones


People are gradually becoming addicted to their smartphones.
According to an artifact on mind today, 40% of the American population suffers from this habit.
On top of this, 58% of men and 47% of females suffer from Monophobia, i.e. the fear of being without a smartphone.
Moreover, the 2013 Mobile User Habits estimated that 12% of the users use their mobiles while they are in the shower.

  1. Most people can’t even survive one day without their mobiles

Mobiles have become a necessity for most of the people.
44% of the people have specified that they become very nervous when they lose their mobiles and become phoneless for an entire week.
The anxiety of losing or being without a smartphone, i.e. Monophobia, really exists and affects numerous people.

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