How to bet on greyhound racing

Greyhound racing is one of the easiest games to bet on. Similar to horse racing, betting on greyhounds, or betting the puppies, is all about beating the odds, winning cash and having fun doing it. To place a bet on greyhound running, follow these steps.

greyhound running

Find a greyhound path or sports book to place your bet. While there, get a racing form that gives you the names of the puppies and what type of race they’ll be running.

Research your racing form. If you are at a sports book, your form should give you numerous races from different tracks around the country. Pick your competition and study the dogs. There will be a list of their weight, where the puppies have finished in past races, the distances of the competitions, their times and the names of the puppies that beat them. The best method to bet is to look at the dogs with the fastest times.

Watch the television screen for the odds, the method that expresses what chance bettors believe every dog has to win the race. The higher the odds, the less likely it is a dog will win and the more cash you stand to make if it does. For example, a dog with odds of 20-1 will pay $20 on a $1 bet if it successes. If a dog’s odds are 7-5, you’d make $7 on a $5 bet. The 7-5 dog would be the favorite the dog most bettors trust has the best chance to win.

Choice a dog, and go to the betting window to place your wager. There are numerous different wagers you can make. Much like the horse running, you can bet on whether a dog will win, place (come in first or second), or display (come in first, second or third). You can also gamble the exact (the first and second place puppies in that order), the trifecta (the first, second and third puppies in that order) or the perfect (the top four puppies in the exact order). If you don’t feel comfortable picking any of these gambles in the exact order, you can always box a bit, which means the puppies can place in any order as long as you’ve picked the right set.

Much like the horse running

Place your gamble your bet by telling the cashier the name of the track, the race, the kind of bet, the amount of the gamble and the numbers of the puppies you wish to play. Check your ticket before leaving the window and have the cashier matter a new one if there are errors.

Watch the running. Keep your voucher handy. If your dog or puppies win, you win. Take your ticket to the cashier to be paid. If you lose, tear up the voucher and move on to the next race.

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