How to stop teen drug abuse

Educating youths about drug use is the primary tool you have to prevent it. While it might seem as if your young people listen to their friends more than you, the truth is that stop play an important role in decreasing teen drug abuse. According to the NYU Langone Medical Center, danger factors for teen drug use include a chaotic domestic life and a family history of substance abuse. By creating a stable atmosphere, and by modeling sobriety, you can help stop teen drug abuse.

danger factors for teen drug

Talk to your children early and often about drugs. Keeps the conversation going throughout their youths? Let them know they can turn to you for accurate info about drugs and alcohol without getting a lecture.

Expend one-on-one time with each child and family time as a group with all your kids. Have at least one lunch together each day. Make time to give each child your undivided care and let him know he has your unconditional love.

Monitor what each of your children is doing and with whom she’s doing it. Get to know your child’s companions by inviting them over to your house. Search out where she is going and whom she’ll be with when she goes out.

household takes painkillers

Keep prescription medications in a safe location. If anyone in your household takes painkillers, sedatives or stimulants, count the pills on a regular basis and discard any unused medication. Limit the quantity of alcohol you have in your home and the ease with which your kids can access it.

Tell your teen what you expect of him. If you know he’s going to a party, set a curfew and wait up if essential. Make it unbearable for him to sneak in late, drunk or high, without seeing you. If he knows the rules and results and you apply them consistently, he is less likely to effort sneaking drug and alcohol use past you.

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