The Passionate effects of Using Drugs

The reason why you take drugs or why you started taking drugs in the major place is not important right now. We will deal with the emotional facet of day to day drug ingestion and what this does to your skill to cope with day to day life. We all know that a person who is addicted to a substance wants to take it every day and in many cases, more than once or twice per day. This in itself puts a lot on pressure on the individual because he or she has to acquire his daily drug needs. This requires money and time he or she could have consumed doing something useful or buying something he or she needs.

effects of Using Drugs

Unluckily a drug addict will rather buy his drugs than eat when there is not sufficient money for both. There comes a time, as the addiction advances and the want for another fix grows, that an addict will disregard all duties and needs in order to get enough drugs to quench his or her addiction. The passionate effect this has in his or her life can truly be devastating, particularly when money and a family are involved in the equation. The fact is that the world is beautiful while below the effect of drugs but when this is gone the feelings of guilt and shame are emotionally overwhelming.

As time goes and your addiction grows, you will stay away from your friends, your family, everything will rotateabout your addict friends and your next dose. And these new friends will only be there when you have something to share not because they love you and care for you but because you have drugs to give to them. You will finally get fired from your job cutting the flow of cash which will drive them away too. Loneliness and the requisite to hide your addiction from others may be the two most significant emotional factors you will have to face. This may not be happening now but believe me, it will happen finally.

effects of Using Drugs

For example people who requisite sleeping pills to sleep; their body is skilled to rest with the medication. Without it you will go through the night without closing your eyes for a second. Sleep deficiency is mortal to your body and your mind too. Lack of cocaine will take away all your energies and leave you in bed like a rag doll. Missing your heroin shot or snooze will createphysical pain and mental anguish. Drug addiction is very dangerous both physically and emotionally, it drains the body of strength and the will to fight and go through the day.

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