What Is Binge Drinking?

During the drinking binge the heavily intoxicated drinker ignores duties, squanders currency, and engages in all method of harmful behaviours that may well bring them into contact with the police or emergency services.

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is now a problem in numerous western countries, even though separate countries have different tolerance levels of binge drinkers.

In the United States, binge drinking is the consuming of four or more drinks by a woman, or five or more drinks by a man on an occasion.

In the United Kingdom, binge drinking is usually defined as consuming 11 or more drinks on an occasion. This is more than double what is considered binge drinking in the USA – yet binge drinking in the United Kingdom is now so thoughtful; the British Government is about to bring in procedures to tackle the problem.

What’s the problem?

Binge drinking is unreliable; heavy drinking that often comes below the disguise of fun and games. Binge drinking is badly dangerous to the drinker and to the people around them.

Binge Drinking

Risks to the binge drinker comprise:

  • Missing work
  • Damaging possessions
  • Engaging in unexpected sexual activity
  • Not using protection when having sex
  • Driving a car after drinking
  • Getting into trouble with the police
  • Getting injured or hurt
  • Alcohol poisoning – a severe and possibly fatal physical reaction to an alcohol overdose.

Risks to people around binge drinkers:

  • Having freedom time or sleep interrupted
  • Being insulted or humiliated
  • Having a thoughtful argument
  • Having property damaged
  • Being pushed, hit or assaulted
  • Experiencing an unwanted sexual advances or assault

Why do they do it?

  • To get drunk
  • Status related with drinking
  • Culture of alcohol consumption
  • Peer weight
  • Stress

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